Focus Groups: UK & Ireland

Throughout autumn 2022, the research team held a number of focus groups for specific groups of people with disabilities (including children) in Ireland, the UK and Spain.

The aim was to provide a safe, inclusive space for persons with disabilities from those groups to discuss their experiences of the COVID 19 pandemic.

Some focus groups were held online, others were in-person.

The following are information sheets which provide detailed information about the ResPoNCE project and the focus groups. The information sheets also explain how your data will be used and how your privacy will be protected.

If you are a Deaf adult, an adult with an intellectual or psychosocial disability or a child/teenager with a disability who is interested in participating in one of these focus groups, please contact us. Then we can determine if you meet our inclusion criteria to participate in the relevant focus group.

If you or your child are selected to participate in a focus group, we will need your (or your parent’s) consent for the use of the information provided during the focus groups by our project. In the case of children, both the parent or legal guardian of the child(ren), as well as the child themselves (where possible) should complete the consent form(s).

Below are the consent form(s) which you will need to sign in order for your or your child’s information to be used by the project.

For the focus groups with children/teenagers with disabilities, parents/guardians should see our parental consent form for specific details relating to a participant under the age of 18:

We also have a child-friendly version of the consent form: